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  • Promote your Brand

    Your USA brand or Foreign brand can be very popular in a matter of weeks. Welcome to the new Aliba-Ambaz of the 21st century dedicated to excellence.

  • Connect with top and reputable Private label companies

    We offer drop-shipping service for USA customers. If you as a business is interested in partnering with us, let us know an we can let good things start happening.

Simple steps to start becoming a trusted and verified Cosmetics vendor through Cosmetics Marketing Portal Inc
  • Authenticate your Company, your product or your services

    We accept unique and verifiable documentation including but not limited to business licenses, FDA registration for Registered cosmetics manufacturers and establishments, Business registration and licensing information for Pharmacies that compound cosmetics only skincare products. Please note that no Active Pharmaceutical ingredient used in a skin care formulation can be listed for sale or advertised on Cosmelist.com. Any cosmetics only product custom made according to specificications

  • Real Market Data

    Use real financial markets data in simulation activities.

  • Simulated Market Data

    Simulate past market events and data over a specific historical time period.

  • Fully Customisable

    Fully customize activities to meet various learning outcomes, disciplines and levels of difficulty.

Simple Pricing Structure
  • 10%

    Commission Fee

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  • $1

    Shipping Fee

  • +
  • $4

    Marketplace Fee

  • +
  • 15%

    Service Tax

  • +
  • Amt.

    Amount You Earned

  • =
  • Price

    Price You Decide

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